When you complete the application form you agree to our Rules and Health and Safety  Requirements


I.  We enter this event at our own risk.  Neither the organizer, landowners, property owners, nor any associated person or organization will be held responsible for injury to any persons or vehicle.

2.  Neither I, nor anyone associated or connected with me will make a claim against any of the organizer, farmers, or agents in respect of.

(a) Any injury suffered by me

(b) Any damage to any of my property, regardless of how the injury or damage occurs.

3.  We are aware that:

(a) Use of road, off road, farm tracks and cross-country terrain is potentially hazardous

(b) Road, off road, farm tracks and country terrain may not be maintained and that

c) The drive is in a remote area where access in an emergency may be limited by terrain and/or adverse weather conditions.

4. The organizers reserve the right to:

(a) Alter the itinerary due to adverse weather or other conditions

(b) Refuse entry to any person/s or

(c) Exclude any entrants who do not comply with the route instructions or directions.

5. The driver will be licensed to drive the vehicle and the vehicle used will meet all legislative requirements to be operated on public roads.

6.  We are physically fit and there is no health reason why we should not participate in this event.

7.  My vehicle will be equipped with appropriate equipment for this event, i.e., front, and rear tow points on vehicle, spade. Fire extinguisher and tow rope.

8.  I will make good any damage caused wilfully or negligently to any plant, fittings, flora, fauna, or tracks caused by myself, or anyone connected to me, during this event.

9.  I understand that extraction of myself, my passenger(s) and /or my vehicle is not included in any entry fee, and I agree to pay extraction costs should I need this assistance.

10.  I understand that if an organizer or event official requests me or my passenger(s) for assistance during this event regarding health and safety that I am obligated to comply

11.  At no time during the drive will I or my passenger(s) carry or consume alcohol, illicit drugs, or firearms. Nor will I allow such items to be carried in my vehicle.

12.  Due to the fire risk there is no smoking on this course.

13.  Dogs are not allowed inside or outside the vehicle during any part of the trek.

14. I understand and accept my obligations in relation to me and my passenger(s) participation on this course and this is acknowledged in the signing of my registration form.

Health and Safety


1. If an organizer or event official requests you or your passenger(s) to assist during the event regarding health and safety, you are obliged to comply.

2. Ensure that you do not get in front of lead vehicle unless given specific instructions, and do not leave too larger gap between yourself and the vehicle you are following as we rely on   the visual following of vehicles.

3. Always remain directional. i.e., do not turn around unless instructed by an event official.

4. Do not drive beyond your ability. Let an event official know as soon as possible if there is a part of the track that you are not comfortable driving.

5. Listen to and always follow directions of organizers/event officials

6. In the event you are lost, stuck or that you crash, - Do Not leave your vehicles location. Someone    will come to assist you and your passenger(s) as soon as possible.

7. Keep off roads unless required, and if so, treat them as live to all traffic.

8. Do not enter farm buildings unless it is an emergency.

9. Do not disrespect any buildings or surrounding property.

10. The organizers and event officials reserve the right to withdraw any persons at any time for not adhering to the rules or any conditions set out in the indemnity.

11. There will be no tolerance for the consumption of alcohol before or during the ride.

12. All participants must wear seatbelts during the ride.

13. AII vehicles on metal roads or off-road must be always in 4WD.

14. 0rganizers and event officials reserve the right to check your vehicle for stowaways or alcohol. If you are non-compliant, the vehicle and all inside it will be withdrawn from the event with no refund.